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Giftcard Terms & conditions

Gift card Value

B-Handy Gift cards are currently available in $125 Denomination.  They can be exchanged for $125 worth of services or any of the services listed on our ?? web page within the published B-Handy Service Area.

Valid Gift cards must have a valid Gift card # and have a validating signature.  Gift cards must be present at the time of service and are collected by the service technician as part of the payment.  Technicians are not authorized to proceed with verifying the card or depart the premises with the card (or it’s value $125).

Refunds may be available for gift cards (see refunds)

Redeeming a gift card is easy.

Follow the registration link or call us to schedule your gift service.

Redeeming a Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day or Father days gift card

Gift cards received during these gift time frames are allocated priority time slots during the week following the special day.  Service request are addressed “First come/First serve”

Please email your preferred service time and details by registering your card as soon as possible.  Valid Gift cards are the same as cash to B-Handy, We prioritize our schedule fulfill gift card services quickly.

Gift card redemption is subject verification of a valid payment for the card.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.  Refunds may be available to the original purchaser only.

Buying a gift card

Gift cards are predominantly available direct from B-handy.  Gift cards purchased prior to Christmas come with an attractive gift envelope.  Gift Cards are typically sold at face value ($125) and occasionally offered at a discount during popular gift giving periods.  Gift cards have the face value to the recipient regardless of the purchase price.  Gift cards can be purchased with any form of payment currently accepted by B-Handy as listed on our web site accept checks.

Certain specialty retailers and service companies have been authorized to sell, give and offer B-Handy gift cards.  Those organization are listed at

Gift cards can be combined with any other currently accept form of payment including additional gift cards.

Giving a gift card

Gift cards purchased prior to Christmas (& other special days) come with an attractive gift envelope, have fun with it.

Registering is not necessary but high recommended.

Registering a gift card

We recommend registering the purchase of, or receipt of, a B-Handy gift card.  Once registered, B-Handy gift cards are only valid to the registered recipient /owner. Click the registration e-mail link.: Include in the e-mail the following:

Gift card #:


Recipient: (who plans to use the service)

The gift it accompanied or service expected by redeeming the card.

Gift card included service list

Gift cards are typically exchanged at face value.  Some services with a typical value of more than the gift card value are provided in exchange for a gift card.  A list of those services, terms and conditions are listed www

Gift card Refunds

A B-handy gift card is eligible for a refund under the following conditions:

Purchased directly from B-HANDY.  Refunds will only be made to original purchaser of the card.

Amount refunded will be the amount paid for the card (less 5% processing fees) regardless of the face value.

The original unused valid gift card must be returned at the time of the refund.

Lost or stolen gift cards

B-Handy, at its discretion, may honor or reissue a lost or stolen gift card under the following circumstances.

Registration of the original gift card has been completed

Verification of a valid payment transaction.


B-handy reserves the right to change it’s gift card policy, terms and conditions with notice